Plate capacitor

I've recently come into a lot of .060 HDPE, for free.  So I am going to build a
plate style capacitor.

Question:  Has anyone built one of the using a material thinner than the
aluminum flashing that is suggested by several documents?  Commercial capacitors
use some pretty thin foils.  I am considering using heavy duty Reynolds Wrap.
My 2 capacitors will have 110 - 7.25"x8" aluminum plates each.  These are small
enough that I feel heavy duty aluminum foil should work.  The loss in Q should
be immeasurable.  These 2 capacitors in series should provide appromately
.025-.026 uF good for about 24000 volts in a Tesla tank circuit.

Since I've never built one of these, I have one more question.  I assume that
all one has to do is connect every other plate to a buss.  Each buss is down
opposite sides of the stack.  Correct?

Scott Myers