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> Richard,
> Thanks for the reply.  

No problem.

> I am progressing with confidence thanks for your advice.

It sure beats the way I learned. That being the hard way...

> Any recommended angle for the "saucer spiral"?

Well since you have made it clear that you intend to pump some
power through this coil with a commercial cap charged with plenty
of KVA, the angle of inclination should be around 15-20 degrees.
This assumes a pretty decent spark gap system. You should go with
a slightly lower angle than a slightly steeper angle given your
intended application.

> BTW: Behr50 looks great on my acrylic coil.

Things have been picking up around here, so I have not yet coated
my newest winding (also on acrylic pipe). I will get out this
weekend hopefully and shop for this stuff.

Richard Quick

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