RE: Coil Progress/Capacitors

>It sounds like you are gearing up for some high powered work here
>and it sounds great! With these power supply components, you are
>going to want at least a .025 (and maybe even a couple of those
>not too far down the road). I think someone (Scott Myers?) is
>working on getting a quantity discount on some .025 caps, and you
>might consider getting in on the deal. Heck if the price is right
>I would probably pick up one or two .025 microfarad caps.

>Richard Quick

Yes Gentlemen, it is Scott Myers working on those quantity discounts on
capacitors, as Glenn Cerny and I discussed.  So far the work is going well.
Both Plastic Capacitors and Condenser Products are being considered.  Right now,
I am working on this with both company's engineers.  As you probably know
Richard, the standard cataloged ratings sound a bit on the short side of having
a high enough voltage rating.  This is when considering a 14400 VAC transformer.
Both catalog 20KV pulse discharge capacitors.  But as you know, the resonate
rise in a tank circuit with a 14400 VAC transformer can be well above this.

Right now, Plastic Capacitors looks the best.  It seems to be a smaller company
and will entertain smaller orders, and possibly better discounts.  They also
indicate that they will work with me if one blows and replace it.  I belive that
this is an experimental area for them also.  I know that this is also the source
of capacitors for Richard Hull.  Overall, Plastic Capacitors seems to want to
work with me more.  They have a good customer service attitude.  I'm not ruling
out Condenser Products.  I know that's where Richard Q. got his matching 45KV
pulse capacitors.  I'll keep you posted.

Scott Myers