Re: Powerstats and smaller variacs

On Tue, 31 Oct 1995 09:00:06 +0700 you wrote:

>The model I sent you is a 1256D.  It is meant for 240 VAC as you know.  You
>could hook it up to 240 VAC, put a voltmeter across it, and turn it up to about
>50%.  That would give you 120 VAC out.  If you need a high current  voltage
>control varic for 120 VAC, you need a model 1156D.  That one is for 120 VAC and
>handles up to 55 amps continuous!  I can get my hands on a couple of these.  If
>you want a small 120 VAC unit, I can get plenty of these as well.  As a matter
>of fact, I need another small variac and am going back to the company I got the
>Powerstats from to get one.  I noticed that they had some 10 A and 20 A units
>for 120 VAC when I was there last.
>Any one else interested?
>Scott Myers

Hi, Scott.  I am interested in one of those 1256D's.  Are there any
more available and how much are they?  I must have missed the original
post on this opportunity.
What is the amperage rating?

Mark R. Napier