(since Chip asked....  8)>>  [pumpkin style grin....])

I maybe the only one on the list with a small enuf coil to do this:

I have the remains of a table JUST the right size for my biggest
coil.  Since its "remains" it has a whole in the top  (to put it
mildly...)  A stainless steel bowl with goblin_offerings rests on
top, a drape blocks view of the coil.

A remote switch readily yo hand, i await the arrivals.  Hit the
switch (too light for corona from bowl...), but i pull minor sparks
to fingers and 2" with luck to the bowl as i pick it up.  With luck
[1] some streamers spit as i pass the candy around
	Way Cool sez a goblin.
	Is it safe sez another?
	hmmmmmmm sez an accompnaying parent.

repeat cycle until goblins cease arriving.

I Keep it turned off between goblins as it does make modest tvi...

I had noted last year that as teh evenign wore on, the streamer activity
declined, notably.  I SUSPECT this is due to the original constructors
routing the HT lead to top electrode INSIDE the coil form, leading to
sparking down the inside as ionized gases build up inside.  (based on
comments here on higher powered coils....)