Re: Powerstats and smaller variacs

> I am going back to the company I got the Powerstats from to get one. 
> I noticed that they had some 10 A and 20 A units for 120 VAC when I 
> was there last.
> Any one else interested?

What are the specs on the larger 240V variacs you have access to and 
what are the prices?

Re: 120V control w/a 240V variac...

With a 240V variac, I would think that you could easily hook up 120V 
across the 240V terminals and control the 120V that way.  In addition, 
since 240V is really two 120V lines with a 90 degree phase difference, 
you can use only one of the hot lines on the 240V circuit and get your 
120V that way too.

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)