Re: Splitting & Tank

 > One such depicted the Tesla Primary connected to the
 > bottom of the Tesla Secondary.
 > The point of this post is to protest, please, in very strong
 > terms the implication that such a circuit is a Tesla Coil.
 > It is not.  Dr. Tesla would be especially peeved to see it
 > characterized as such.

 > Your error would irk Dr. Tesla grievously and it irks those
 > of us who are serious students of Dr. Tesla.

 MG> Actually, I think Tesla would be "irked" by the fact we're even 
 MG> talking about something as "unimportant" as this, He did'nt even
 MG> call them "Tesla coils" that name came from elsewhere!

... Alias, Mark the spark
___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12