Re: Neon Transformer Questions

Don Froula writes...

determination should be as easy as connecting an ma meter across the output.  I
don't thing my Radio Shack meter would do well across the output
in AC voltage mode, though!  

I suppose I could rig a voltage divider across the output and measure the drop across
the smaller resistor and calculate the voltage.  Has anyone tried this?

Your meter is fine at reading a few volts - yes?
Then what I usually do when phasing parallel transformers and the like, is
to excite the secondary and measure on the primary side.

i.e. apply 120vac (or something reasonable) to the secondary - given that the
transformer has a winding ratio of about 100 (100v in to 10KV out), you should
read about a volt on the primary.  Reading the exact voltages will give 
you the turns ratio that you are after and you can therefore figure out
the oc voltage when the xformer is powered normally.

Good luck,