Re: Neon Tranformer bypass caps.

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>Subject: Neon Tranformer bypass caps.
>I have four, no-PCB, oil filled transmitter bypass caps rated at 25KV each
>.012 uF.  I would like to use these a bypass caps on my Tesla filter board.
>With my neon transformer supply, I planned on using two caps in series on
>side of the neon to ground.  This should give a DC voltage rating of 50 KV 
>at .006 uF.  From what I have read, the capacitance is a bit high for a
>Will there be any problem with destructive oscillations in the neon
>with this arrangement.
>The France neon sign transformer applications manual warns against long HV
>runs, due to the effectives of the capacitance on "the tranformer insulation
>system".  I wonder if there will be a similar problem here.
>Thanks for any help!
>Don Froula


.006 mfd will be too high for RF bypass capacitors.  The idea is for the
bypass caps to offer a low impedance path to the RF.  You want something in
the range of 300 to 1000 pf.

Ed Sonderman