Re: Neon Transformer Questions

On Mon, 13 Nov 1995 tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com wrote:

> I stopped by Midwest Neon Supply in Chicago last Friday and purchased a new
> 15KV, 60 ma. France transformer.  After chatting with the clerk about Tesla coils,

You'd get them for free if you wouldn't buy them.. :)

> in a Jacob's ladder, it appears to work perfectly (and is probably new).  My
> question is how to determine the voltage and current of the unit.  The current rating

Two easy things :

1. you could have asked the clerk :)
2. get a catalog about the transformers - it should list the physical 
   dimensions of the units.. Not useful if you don't know the manufacturer
3. use something like 3vac input and measure the output.. Calculate
   the difference in voltage etc. : 110* (vout/vin) shall be the 

> determination should be as easy as connecting an ma meter across the output.  I
> don't thing my Radio Shack meter would do well across the output
> in AC voltage mode, though!  

That would give you only the short-circuit current which is not much -
use two ordinary leds (opposite polarizations) connected between the hv
bushings.. They will only be lit - not blown..

> I'd like to use the used tranformer in parallel with the purchased unit to boost
> my power output.

You can do that if they have the same output-voltage - use step 3 to
determine that out.. 

Perhaps connecting the grounds of both units together and testing
whether there is v+v and v-v difference between hv-bushings between
units (arching vs. no arching) OR (v1+v2) and (v1-v2) that are both
non-zero and thus arching (at least a little more).. Should work..

Hope this helps,

  Kristian Ukkonen.