Re: Neon Transformer Questions

A quick follow-up to my own question about measuring the output voltage
of a neon transformer from which the identification plate had been removed.

I came upon a simple solution.  I connected the 120 Volt line cord across
the high voltage ouput terminals, plugged it in, and measured the voltage
at the transformer input terminals.  Some simple math provided the turns
ratio of the transformer, from which I could determine the output voltage
rating of the unit.

For example, with the 120 V. line cord connected to the HV output terminals, 
I measured the line voltage at 125.7 volts.  The induced voltage at the
transformer input terminals was 1.104 volts.  Therefore the turns ratio of
the transformer is 125.7/1.104 or 113.86.  Therefore, the voltage rating on the
transformer is 113.86 * 125.7 = 14,312.2 volts, or 15KV.

I also determined the unit has a 30 ma output by connecting an ammeter
across the output terminals.

This is all good news for me, as I can parallel this free unit with my
newly purchased 15 KV, 60 ma unit.

I hope the technique is useful.  I haven't seen it mentioned here before.

Don Froula