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> 1.  I am not a scientist and do not profess to know all there 
> is on Tesla.  My most cherished Tesla property is the book:
> "Progical Genius"  sign by O'Neil.  I am a theorist and a

Most Tesla enthusiasts work full time at day jobs. Tesla coiling
and Tesla experimentation is still a hobby for nearly everyone 
involved, no matter how serious the hobbiest. Those who advance
to the point that they feel justified in charging (no pun
intended) for their services still do not expect a profitable
return. At best, any money generated simply helps to defray the
costs of the hobby. Like any hobby, there is a steady and sure
drain on the pocket as equipment, experience, and power levels
build up. However, with a steady and regulated investment of time
and money over an extended period, the hobbiest can easily
accumulate apparatus with a replacement cost in the tens of
thousands of dollars in a matter of a few years. The actual
investment in dollars will be much less, as the hobbiest shops
surplus, trades and deals used equipment, and hand crafts many
essential components. Do not let the actual money invested
detract from the fact that many hobbiests (and not just Tesla
hobbiests) develop commercial scale operations in their spare
time without ever making a dime.

> 2.  All the experimenting with coils is fine.  Where is it 
> going to lead???  What is the saleable item(s)???

I find this to be a very shallow approach to a very educational
and fulfilling hobby.

> 3.  Is HAARP part of the gov't. beam weapontry from Tesla??  If
> so,  who is working on the energy defense shield to either 
> absorb or deflect the beams??

I have not made up my mind on HAARP yet. People are flaming the
U.S. government big time, yet my understanding is that the
Russians became very advanced in this technology in the 1970s,
thru the 1980s, before the ruble economy collapsed. The earth is
still here. Remember, it was not at all unusual for the Soviets
to black out an entire region as they diverted energy from
nuclear reactors and hydroelectric projects to power their
experiments. They were not lacking in Tesla educated high energy
physicists either, judging by translated documents in my
possession that were authored by Soviet Nobel Prize winner Peter
L. Kapitza. The Soviets apparently took Tesla much more seriously
than the U.S. government did, as Kapitza published in the inter-
national community in the early 1960s, but referred to still
earlier work published behind the Iron Curtain in the 1950s.  

> 4. 

> 5.  

> 6. 

I remain skeptical on your points #4 - #6. As you stated in your
post I am sure those less hard headed than myself will contact
you privately to discuss free energy, scalar waves, zero point,

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