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> Hello Richard,
> It's nice to see that your reading list includes a number of
> texts which I am now reviewing.  The CSN and Richard Hull's 
> comments are particularly useful.  I also read through volumes
> 8-14 of the TCBA newsletter this weekend (and have ordered 
> volumes 1-7).  Interesting Stuff! 

You choose good sources.

> My question to you is this:  I am trying to gain better
> insight into the understanding of the extra coil.  I understand
> the Corum brothers have written some on this, as well as some 
> others.  Can you point me to which Corum (and other) 
> publications discuss quarter wave helical resonator theory and
> extra coil math?  At this point I have been reading as much as
> I can, as I like to understand the theory behind the machine 
> before I spend too much time constructing one.

I have been around on this one. You are not the first to ask this
exact same question: 


Probably contains the best available mathmatical explanation of
extra coil functions in Tesla RF power processing systems. If you
don't have a copy, I would get one.

Practically, VACUUM TUBE TESLA COILS, misses the mark in the lab.
If you are looking for realistic functions then I would invest in
the video tape series produced by Richard Hull.

There is no doubt that Richard Hull and the rest of the group at
TCBOR have it together when it comes to advanced Tesla coil RF
power processing systems.

> My little 4" x 18" coil is now producing 12" sparks using a 15
> kV neon -at-30 mA.  It's been great for teaching me the 
> practicalities of building capacitors, spark gaps, tuning, etc. 

As I have repeated: nothing beats hands on experience... Nothing!

> Your COILBLDn.DOC series in the archives were a great help. 

Hands on experience. I made enough mistakes, there is no reason
you have to repeat them.

> Have you constructed any extra coil systems?  Do you have any 
> video available?  I plan to build a little extra coil system
> in the near future to learn more about the principles.

Yes, and, yes. The overseas crowd has obtained copies of my video
work that included about and hour on nothing but extra coil work.
The Tesla archives also contain at least one digitized image of
an extra coil system that I built and fired. I would have to
refer you back to Richard Hull for the best documentation of
Tesla Magnifiers.

Richard Quick

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