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> ... all that occurs on the tesla list talk about coils and 
> turns and all that techy stuff? 

> I just wanted everyone to know about the effort to save 
> wardenclyffe and make it into a museum, but everyone seems to 
> be too busy turning wire and making sparks for fun.

Humm, I suppose that turning wire and hands-on education (plus
lots 'o arcs and sparks) is not what this is all about. Tesla
(cap) died in poverty and obscurity, shunned by the world, with
only the company of pigeons to comfort and understand him. This
is one of the greatest tragedies I have understood in my life... 

But I would maintain that only by following in his footsteps has
his greatness been revealed to me. The beauty of his power
processing efficiency was disclosed to me in the lab only after
intensive efforts on my behalf to reproduce his work. 

I am not unsupportive of the efforts to stabilize the
Wardenclyffe site and restore the power plant building. I
personally feel that insights into his work can still be obtained
by the archeological excavation of the grounding shaft beneath
the tower site.

But Tesla's philosophy and inventions did not require a specific
building or site to pay him homage. Unlike Edison, Tesla's
achievements can be seen in every polyphase high tension line
crossing from one end of the world to the other. His later
achievements are made to live again in the lab by those who are
so frivolously "turning wire and making sparks for fun."

I for one cannot accept the tragedy of Tesla's life. I have
difficulty in comprehending and coming to terms with the setbacks
and losses he endured. In my lab Tesla is not dead. He lives,
with every benefit that modern materials and techniques can bring
to his methods. Though in my lab I may never exceed his
accomplishments, I have gained more understanding than a lifetime
of visits to any memorial may ever bring to a living person. 

> The Tesla Wardenclyffe Project needs help.  The local people 
> are also interested in this site and making a science museum. 
> Of course if they get their way there will be little mention of
> Tesla in their version of the museum.

> Can you imagine a science museum at Wardenclyffe that pays 
> little attention to Nikola Tesla?  Please write 
> teslawcp-at-tribeca.ios-dot-com

> Ellen Sherman

Richard Quick

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