Commercial Capacitors

Here are the final details on the commercial pulse capacitors.

Manufacturer:  Condenser Products
Part number:  TC253-34-300  ("TC" stand for Tesla Coil)
Voltage:  20,000 AC RMS
Capacitance:  .025 uF, +/- 10%
Dimensions:  4-1/2" dia. x 13-1/2" long
End stud electrical connectors:  3/8"-16 x 1"
60 Hz, 120 PPS, 100 KHz-500 KHz ringing  (these are conservative figures)
Amps peak : 65,000
Max current (RMS): 120A-at-120 Hz, 100A-at-10KHz, 75A-at-100KHz, 50A-at-500KHz, 42A-at-1MHz
(limited by stud size)
Case material - thermoplastic tubing (PVC)  Don't worry, the pvc will not
interact electrically.  It is only the outer case.  You don't have to worry
about loss from the case, ask Richard Quick.
Delivery 4-6 weeks
Warranty - 1 year, in writing
Now for the all important pricing.  $207.00 each, including shipping.

**NOTE:  It MAY be possible to get the price down to $186.30 each if we can get
to a quantity of 10 pcs.  This will depend on how I will have them shipped.  In
order to get this price, the manufacturer wants them to ship to 1 location.  I
think I can negotiate this point.  Lets first see the total number of capacitors
we can get everyone interested in.  Then I'll go from there.

Hurry and make your decisions.  I'm getting pretty hot to order.

I will get back to all that are interested by Sunday night at 8:00 PM.  I will
follow this up on Monday afternoon with the address to send your check to and
the final details.  Approximately 6 weeks after that, we'll all have the caps.

Scott Myers