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From: lisanap-at-cats.ucsc.edu
Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 23:15:34 -0700
To: richard.quick-at-slug-dot-org
Subject: Update

Hi, Richard.

But I still can't edit this unix stuff.
We have been working on getting a slip emulator to work on our account, recentl
but we have run into a few snags.

Anyway, I have 840 turns of #22 on a 4" x 24" secondary. I've got 15 turns of 3
diameter. The cap is the homemade roll type per your design. The spark gap is
4 welder gaps in series. By tomorrow I will have the protection curcuit ready 
for the neons. I do not have a toroid or ground yet. I want to do the ground 
next so that I can run the tank at low power and start vibrating the cap. It 
has been soaking for almost 2 months now. I can work on the toroid while that i


The original plan was to run this with 120ma. I plan to start with a single
60ma neon. Will I achieve breakout with that? (Toroid you called for is 15"
x 4"). How much power will this coil handle? 

American Welding and Fabrication has a 14" x 5" toroid for $56.00. Will that wo
$60.00, so building is not out of the question.

Congragulations on your marriage. I hope you had a great time in Las Vegas.
Any progress on the lab and your research?


Mark Napier

ps: I have been taking photos as I go. When I get it going I will send you 

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