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Quoting Ed Sonderman:

 ES> Richard,

 ES> You must have made it back from Las Vegas.  Congratulations  
 ES> again. I hope your wife enjoys your Tesla hobby.  How was    
 ES> the wedding?  Did you come back with any money?

The wedding was great, and I was not real keen about this stuff
for years. Las Vegas really makes getting married easy, simple,
short, and sweet. If I had to do it over again I would not change
a thing. Yes, we came back with some money, we lost about $40.00
gambling in slots (my wife an I would kill time resting our feet
and drinking free drinks at the nickel slot machines durning our
walking outings). Neither of us are real gamblers.

 ES> Thanks for your response on ball lightning information.

No problem.

 ES> I am currently building my first rotary spark gap.  I am     
 ES> using a 1/4 H.P. DC motor, 3/8" dia. Lexan wheel 10.0" in    
 ES> diameter.  The fixed electrodes are tungsten and the rotary  
 ES> electrodes are stainless steel cap nuts - like Mark said he  
 ES> uses.  How large of a fan do I need to cool this?  

Well just don't chinch. A 100 cfm muffin fan won't do the job. A
small 350 cfm "squirrel cage" blower should do the job though.

Good luck!

Richard Quick

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