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Quoting Mark Napier:

 MN> Hi, Richard.

 MN> But I still can't edit this unix stuff. We have been working 
 MN> on getting a slip emulator to work on our account, recentl   
 MN> but we have run into a few snags.

You your message arrived a little chopped in parts. I can make
most of it out however. When you see me inserting words between 
 < > brackets you know I am interpolating the missing text.

 MN> Anyway, I have 840 turns of #22 on a 4" x 24" secondary.     
 MN> I've got 15 turns of 3 <3/8 inch> diameter <copper pipe
 MN> primary.> The cap is the homemade roll type per your design.
 MN> The spark gap is 4 welder gaps in series. By tomorrow I will 
 MN> have the protection circuit ready for the neons. I do not    
 MN> have a toroid or ground yet. I want to do the ground next so 
 MN> that I can run the tank at low power and start vibrating the 
 MN> cap. It  has been soaking for almost 2 months now. I can     
 MN> work on the toroid while that i ... <lost me, RQ>

 MN> Questions:

 MN> The original plan was to run this with 120ma. I plan to      
 MN> start with a single 60ma neon. Will I achieve breakout with  
 MN> that? (Toroid you called for is 15" x 4"). 

You should have no problem getting breakout from a 60 ma power

 MN> How much power will this coil handle? 

Oh that really depends on how well the capacitor holds ups. You
can wait six months during which you fire the caps regularly, but
don't peak the coil out; then you can put up to 2kVA through it
for very short periods. Or you could build extra caps and place
them in series to handle the higher peak voltages in the tank
circuit when the coil is peaked and the gaps are opened up all
the way. If you don't wait, and you don't build more caps for a
series/parallel capacitor bank, don't pump more than 1.5 kVA
through the caps, and even then only for a few seconds.
 MN> American Welding and Fabrication has a 14" x 5" toroid for   
 MN> $56.00. Will that wo <would cost me> $60.00, so building     
 MN> <one> is not out of the question.

Build one from scratch. You could have four or five nice homemade
toroids in various sizes for the price of one small commercial
toriod. Plus, I built my first homemade toroid in about four
hours. The shipping time on the commercial toriod is from 4 - 6

 MN> Any progress on the lab and your research?

Not as of yet. There are major short term changes in the making:
My father is moving to Europe for three years next month, my wife
and her attorney are preparing a custody suit against her ex, and 
I gave notice at my job last friday...

Long term goals have been firmly established, but sometimes it
seems the carrot moves out further on the stick. However, with
the risk of a major changes, also comes the possibilities of
major gains.

 MN> ps: I have been taking photos as I go. When I get it going I 
 MN> will send you some.

The business where my wife is employed now has a Cannon laser
color copier networked into an IBM machine. One of these days
when she is working late I will go down and get some of my photo
collection scanned onto disk and upload them.

Richard Quick

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