CA> This weekend I pounded an 8' piece of 1" copper pipe into    
 CA> the ground by our house. Then I was thinking, should I put   
 CA> in more than one pipe?  If so, where?  This pipe is about    
 CA> 10' away from the house power ground, and therefore I        
 CA> probably shouldn't put my grounds too much closer.  So, the  
 CA> question I am asking is how far should T.C. grounds be from  
 CA> the house ground, and how far should each ground rod be from 
 CA> the next?  Also, how many pipes are necessary?

Ahh, What makes a good Tesla Rf ground?

Keep your ground rods spaced from the basement foundation (slab
is no problem) by at least one full length. In other words, if
you are driving in eight feet deep, place the rod eight feet away
from a below ground basement foundation.

Use the same rule of thumb when spacing ground rods. If you drive
ground rods eight feet deep, space them at least eight feet
apart. Place your system ground rods in rows, or even better, a

Make the center of the "T" the closest connection to the coil.

Richard Quick

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