Re: Materials


You said: 
Well, I have (finally) finished cutting and grooving my plexiglass 
supports and I'm ready to put them on a base and wind the primary!  
This brings up the question as to what to use for the base?  I was 
planning on using 3/4" BC grade plywood, and I was wondering if this 
would be good (I wouldn't use any nails or screws, just epoxy) or 
whether it would be worth the extra expense to buy a 2.5' x 2.5' piece of 
plastic to mount the primary?  And if plastic is really that much better, 
how thick should it be to provide good support (this will be used as a 
test bed for my 4" and 6" secondaries).

I had a large circular piece of 1/4" acrylic cut to mount my acrylic primary
supports on - with a hole in the center for the secondary.  It is plenty
strong and looks great.  I would think plywood would work just fine.  It is
easier to work with and you don't really need the insulation on the base
since you are using plastic for the supports already.

Ed Sonderman