PO> I was told that triacs were ony good for resistive loads, like lamps
 PO> and heaters. What is the difference between resistive and inductive?
 PO> So if I wanted to turn on an inductive load, like a halogen lamp (I 
 PO> think) what would I use.  Thanks.

 SH> That is NOT true! You can configure a triac for inductive load.

 SH> In a resistive circuit the voltage and the current peak at the same
 SH> time. In an inductive circuit the voltage peaks before the current.
 SH> In a capacitive circuit the current peaks before the voltage.

 SH> Incandecent lamps and heating elements are resistive loads. An ac
 SH> motor or lighting with a ballast like Florecent or HID lighting would
 SH> be inductive. The thing to remember about ac motors is that they can
 SH> draw up to 10 times the "running current" when trying to start. That
 SH> would depend on the type of motor and the load or "work" it has to
 SH> overcome to start. That is why the lights dim a little when the fridge
 SH> kicks on. -!-

This is good and accurate info for those determining the advantages and
disadvantages of inductive and resitive ballasting on transformers with-
out current limiting.

Richard Quick

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