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 BL> [chop]
   > By Nikola Tesla... Hardcover, 440pp, Published by NOLIT,     
   > Beograd, Yugoslavia, 1978. Prefaced and annotated by         
   > Aleksandar Marincic, Assoc. Prof. of EE Beograd Univ. and    
   > advisor to the Nikola Tesla Museum, Yugoslavia. 

 BL> You seem to be a big Tesla fan. Ever since the war started   
 BL> in the former Yugoslavia I have wondered about the fate of   
 BL> the Tesla Museum. It  is(was?) located in Seriavo(sp!) isn't 
 BL> it?

The Museum has been severely damaged by shell fragments in the
last direct report I have received from the museum

There was a videotape available from Barnes and Noble that took
the viewer through a tour of the museum contents before the war.
However, much original material from Tesla's personal effects are
stored there, and there are no assurances of their safety.

Richard Quick

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