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Sorry about the chopped message.  Your answers are what I was looking
for, though.

I want to get a ground set up so that I can start running the tank and
set up some vibration in the cap so that it will bubble out some.
I'm trying to stick with the gradual "break-in" described in your

More questions about grounds:

How much ground do you need for 1KVA? 2KVA?  Is there a correlation
between the amount of power and the surface area in the ground?
If so, then 1" pipe is better than 1/2" rod?

I understand that there are variances due to moisture and soil,
but I am wondering how many rods I have to drive for this particular
coil. I will probably be moving within a few months, but I don't want
to wait to fire this up.


Mark Napier

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