Tesla Coil

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On 04-29-95, Dave Halliday wrote to James Meyer and said:

DH> What did Faraday run the coils off of - AC or DC

        For producing steady magnetic fields, he used batteries.

DH> work was confined to steady-state DC and he did essentially zero work
DH> with alternating current or resonating circuits.

        His classic experiment with magnetic induction used an iron
        core transformer with a primary and secondary winding.  He
        proved that a *changing* magnetic field produced by a
        *changing* electric current in one winding would induce a
        similar *changing* electric current in a winding coupled to
        the same magnetic field.

        If that isn't the definition of "AC", then perhaps you can
        provide another one.

        BTW, it was a portrait of Farady that hung on the wall of
        Einstien's study, not a picture of Tesla.


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