Tesla Capacitors

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RQ>btw: Richard :  what do you think about using multiple sheets of
  >.5 mm thick polypropene together to get the required _length_ for the
  >di-electric sheet - with or without welding the pp-sheets together?
  >Unfortunately the sheets are only 1.2 meters long.. I just though
  >about it and basicly it wouldn't matter whether even if there was a little
  >gap between pp-sheets as it would be filled with oil.. (the gap is
  >not between turns but between sheets - 3 sheets to get 3 meters, and
  >three layers of these for each plate to get 1.5 mm thick)

Hey Richard, I just thought I would mention how I made use of this thin
polypropene sheeting.  I couldn't find a good local source for that
heavy 40-60 mil stuff you have talked about for rolling your own caps,
so I tried a couple of other ideas.  The system I used for the thin poly
was to cut a sheet about 8' x 8' and lay a 7' x 6" piece of al.
flashing on one edge and roll the flashing in the poly.  Using 6 mil
poly, this gives you about 48 mil of plastic on each side of the plate.
When you wrap a second plate in the same fashion you have about 96 mil
of plastic between the plates.  The only problem with this system is
that it DEFINITELY traps alot of air between the multiple layers of
plastic, so you must use a vacuum pump to pull the air bubbles out after
filling it with mineral oil.

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