Tesla Coil

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Hello!  I read some of your messages on the Tesla Coil, I'm fascinated
myself by them.  How do you go about making them, or can you direct me
to some place where I could get plans?  Try to make it simple, I'm
attempting to get started on making things of this nature.  BTW, I found
these capacitors when I lived in Maine and I've always wondered how much
they'd be worth.  They're massive, one is about I guess right around 4
inches across and maybe 6 inches high, that's a guesstimate, I couldn't
find a ruler to get an accurate measure.  Then I have these other's that
are a little bit taller, but only like maybe 2 or 2.5 inches across.
The big fat one I could plug up to a wall if I wanted to.  I'll get the
exact voltage and amp max and leave you in a message if you're
interested.  I've just been curious is they're expensive or not (got it
at our dump :) ).  Well, hope you don't mind the message being so long,
sorry.  I've got to go.
Bye bye.
Please respond.

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