Secondary current

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I was surprised by the jolt I got off my secondary the other night.  I had
turned the voltage down some so the discharges were only about 24" long.
 Holding a metal object or a fluorescent light bulb in my hand and gradualy
approaching the toroid, you get to a point where there is a good corona from
the end of the object then small violet streamers, which you can feel, then
if I go closer, I finally get a white hot discharge that makes the nerves in
my wrist jump.  It's hard to hold it there.  It also jumped through my shoes
and the thick phone book I was standing on to the cement floor.  There is
more current there than I expected.  My wife tried it once and that's it for

When I get to the 4 and 5 foot discharges I don't know if I want to try it
again or not.

Ed Sonderman