CA> Greetings,

 CA> There is a swapfest here in CO on 4/1.  I thought I would    
 CA> ask people about useful things to look for and what is a     
 CA> reasonable price. In particular, I am interested in          
 CA> transformers (variable, potential, pole, and current),       
 CA> ammeters, signal generators, oscilloscopes, and RF
 CA> filters. Are there any other items that I should keep my     
 CA> eyes open for?  

Magnet wire on large spools priced under $3.00 a pound, frequency
counters, PE core coax, HV barium titanate "doorknob" capacitors,
power relays + matching control transformers, ground strap, and
antenna tuning coils would also be at the top of my list. 

Richard Quick

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