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Quoting Kristian Tapani Ukkonen:

 KU> On Mon, 27 Mar 1995, Richard Quick wrote about my 4" coil:

 RQ> Should work fine, your frequency may be a little high, but   
 RQ> so will your Q. Just hunker down with a decent sized         
 RQ> discharger.

 KU> The resonant frequency without toroid is 530kHz..

Not bad. Did you scope it out, or is this a calculated value?
You will need to get this coil down in frequency to get decent
spark. I would think 450kHz, or lower, is what you should be
shooting for with a discharger.
 >  KU> My problem is that I'm building a pulsed dye-laser as ...

Sorry, I can be of no help. I have zilch experience in laser
power supplies, except to know that capacitors from laser power
supplies do not work in the Tesla tank circuit, and I would
imagine the reverse would also be true. Not that a Tesla tank
rated cap would not hold up, just that they are so small. See the
post about "CAPACITOR ANYONE?" that I forwarded. That sounds like
a laser cap.

Talking about wireless power transmission thru ground conduction:

 RQ> These guys are thinking radiation, not ground conduction.

 KU> I fully agree.. In fact, I replied originally to a message   
 KU> that stated how much worse Tesla-coil is for energy transfer 
 KU> than Hertzian waves... 


 KU> and gave them the reference to your writings in the ftp-     
 KU> site to get the facts.. They started arguing about           
 KU> rf-theory.. :)

Typical for a blunt knifer.

 KU> I just didn't know the answer for the Faraday's cage         
 KU> question as I hadn't tried it..

10% (or less) of the energy is leaving the system via radiation.
Thus only 10% of the energy can be trapped by the Faraday cage.
A Faraday cage traps spurious RADIATION, but the cage is a
CONDUCTOR, and it is grounded. Ground currents will conduct right
past it as if it was not even there. Tesla himself makes an
exceedingly clear case during an interview with his attorney:

Counsel> Let's see if I understand this correctly. If you have
Counsel> radiation or electromagnetic waves going from your
Counsel> system, the energy is wasted?

NT> Absolutely wasted. From my circuit you can get either 
NT> electromagnetic waves, 90 percent of electromagnetic waves
NT> if you like, and 10 percent in the current energy that passes
NT> through the earth. Or, you can reverse the process and get 10
NT> percent of the energy in electromagnetic waves and 90 percent
NT> in energy of the current that passes through the earth.

NT> It is just like this: I have invented a knife. The knife can
NT> cut with the sharp edge. I tell the man who applies my 
NT> invention, you must cut with the sharp edge. I know perfectly
NT> well you can cut butter with the blunt edge, but my knife is
NT> not intended for this. You must not make the antenna give off
NT> 90 percent in electromagnetic and 10 percent in current 
NT> waves, because the electromagnetic waves are lost by the time
NT> you are a few arcs around the planet, while the current 
NT> travels to the uttermost distance of the globe and can be 
NT> recovered.

This material is quoted from page 75 of the following work:

Nikola Tesla, edited by Leland I. Anderson, published in 1992 by
Sun Publishing, Div. of Boyle & Anderson, Denver, CO., 80219.
Library of Congress Catalog #92-60482, ISBN 0-9632652-0-2.

The above material was quoted in context to the discussion at
hand. By top loading a Tesla coil with sufficient discharger
to prevent spark breakout, 90% of the energy that is processed by
the system leaves in the form of current from the base wire of
the secondary coil. This is clearly at odds with "blunt" crowd. 

 RQ> There is no "believing". The experiment is easy to           
 RQ> reproduce, and I outlined exactly how I obtained my results. 
 RQ> I have not done this just once, I ran literally dozens of    
 RQ> experiments in this area over a period of weeks. Ground      
 RQ> current conduction is a plain and simple fact.

 KU> I just can't do else than "believe" before I get my system   
 KU> to operational condition..

Is there then, nobody else in this discussion with the basic coil
technology (other that myself) who can reproduce this experiment

Richard Quick

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