Plans/parts list needed

        Hello all,      

I would like to build a tesla coil but I can't find any plans that sound
like anything that has been dissused here. I am also wondering about where
to get parts.

I saw the "swapmeet" post and just thought I would add my own.
The last weekend of April (fri-sun) is the Dayton Hamvention and Computer
show in Dayton, Ohio. As far as I know it is the largest show of it's kind
in the world.
Anyway, they say "If you can't find it at Dayton, It doesn't exist" 
There is a LOT of stuff there besides computers and HAM gear so if you are
close enough to it I highly recomend going. Ill be there!

cfrancis-at-infinet-dot-com   and   francis.17-at-osu.edu

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