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 ES> Richard,

 ES> Thanks for your feed back on the pictures that I sent.

No problem. I call em as I see em.

 ES> I would like to raise the coil up higher off the ground ( I  
 ES> think it is now about 11.0") but I'm going to run out of     
 ES> ceiling room in my basement.  It might be time to move out   
 ES> to the garage.

In this system a foot or so above the floor is going to be fine.
With the "saucer" shaped primary most of the field flux will be
up into the secondary coil.

 ES> Where do you find RG-213?  I haven't been able to find a     
 ES> source in town or in the books I've got.

It came surplus from our local surplus treasure trove: Gateway
Electronics. If you can find very high quality, thick, coax you
should be OK. If not go to the neon shop and get some 15 KVAC
rated wire. It is not the best, but it will work. I feel much
safer with the coax and grounded sheath: you can't feel the high-
voltage buzz with your hands when you are handling live

Richard Quick

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