Tesla - the rapture of invention

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ABC Radio Eye - Press Release - 28 March 1995

Tesla - the rapture of invention

Sunday, 2 April 1995, 830PM EST, ABC Radio National

"...my life was little short of the continuous rapture of
invention and discovery of nature's secrets."  -- Nikola Tesla

Born in 1856 in Croatia, Nikola Tesla was to become one of the most
influential visionaries and inventors of the modern industrial age. By
Tesla's own account he was the discoverer of the rotating magnetic
field, the alternating current electric motor, cosmic rays and despite
popular belief, the principles of radio transmission.  His overriding
preoccupation for much of his life was the pursuit of free-energy; a
concept which put him at odds with the interests of large
multinationals like America's General Electric.

Tesla claimed to have drawn many of his developments from dreams
and visions that he had experienced from childhood and he was
apparently able to visualise models of his inventions without ever
needing to build working models. This melding of mysticism and science
has made him a rather unfashionable role model for students of science
despite his formidable achievements.

Through Tesla's own writings, and the voices of a number of
commentators, TESLA - The Rapture of Invention will re-examine this
complex genius and perhaps re-establish his position in the scientific

             Program concept and research by Lee McGiffen
                    Produced by Matthew Leonard
                Technical production by Stephen Tilley
                   TESLA readings by Bogdan Koca

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