Re: Caps

Ummm....Where exactly did you get those caps (.005 at 30kv)?
are there more where they came from? 
How much were they? (They are perfect values)

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> Hi    I've ben on the list just long enough to get real intrested.  Now I've
> started collecting parts.  I just got two "Pulse Capacitors" this morning.
> Let me tellyou these things are big and ugly.  Their about 5 inch square at the
> base and 7 inches tall with a two inch diameter 3 inch tall insulator on the
> top. the bolt that is on top of the insulator is 3/8 inch!.  both are
> labeled 005 MF, 30 KV, c49, PO, serial no, corson electric.  The top of
> metal housing is has screws that are soldered.
> Do these sound like cood for usein tesla circuits?
> I have no other parts yet except for the ignition transformer that is left
> over from when I had an oil burner furnace.  I haven't dug it out of the
> basement yet to check the markings.
> Thanks for any help
> John Bates

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