Quoting Dan McCauley inquring about a beginners coil project:

 DM> what kind of transformer would you recommend that i start    
 DM> out with (ratings that is).  

A 9000 volt 60 ma (miliamp) neon sign transformer would be my
recommendation for a beginners first coil.

 DM> Also, from what i have been reading and studying, they say   
 DM> you should first choose the transformer and design from      
 DM> there. Is this the most efficient way to start your design   
 DM> of the tesla coil or should i begin the design process       
 DM> somewhere else?  

I have always started designing with the secondary coil first. A
real high Q (high quality) secondary coil is the heart of the
Tesla system. Before I wind the secondary however, I always
design in the remaining tank circuit components. It has always
seemed easier to make adjustments to the proposed system if I had
some idea about the physical size of the system, and the base
operating frequency. These figures directly relate to the
secondary coil characteristics.

Richard Quick
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