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Quoting Ed Sonderman:

 ES> Richard,

 ES> I received a quote from Condenser Products today for a       
 ES> .02mfd capacitor.  I told them what I needed and that I was  
 ES> using a 15kv supply - in a Tesla tank circuit.  The quote is 
 ES> for a .02mfd + or - 10% capacitor rated at 15,000 V RMS.  It 
 ES> does not say pulse application. It does say it will be 3.5"  
 ES> x 14.0" in a thermoplastic tube.  

I have purchased from these people in the past. Good service,
good cap. If you talk to the engineering staff they will tell 
you the cap will hold up if not severely abused. These guys
built (I believe) the caps for Robert Golka's Wendover Utah coil.

 ES> Price $180.00 up front.  I  think there will be more charges 
 ES> because they say "will advise you of total amount due" ???   
 ES> Lead time 6 to 8 weeks.

Shipping charges. The lead time is because they custom build each
cap to order.

 ES> I think the voltage rating he is quoting me is too low. 

Talk to them some more if you are concerned, and remember these
are custom made, not off the shelf, meaning they will build them
to whatever specs you desire. The rating given is most likely
very conservative. That cap will more likely than not stand up to
60KVDC without much problem, probably tested to 45KVDC before it
leaves the clean room.

 ES> You said your caps are rated at 45kv pulse - and you operate 
 ES> with 22kv and haven't lost them yet.

I run mine in series. I have never found the need for more than
.05 mfd in my tank circuits.

 ES> Sounds like I should specify 30kv pulse for a rating. 
 ES> This will probably double the quoted price.

Probably would not double the price, and you probably could not
blow it unless you turned the coil on and left for vacation
either. I would look at something with a higher value though.
Look at a .025 or a .03 mfd cap.

 ES> About ballast for a pole transformer,  how about using all   
 ES> those shorted neon sign transformers out there. I have a     
 ES> few. Short the secondaries together and run the primary in   
 ES> series with the pole transformer?  How do I figure out what  
 ES> I need to limit the pole transformer input current to say 10 
 ES> amps? 

I would measure the line draw on the shorted neon cores and
figure that is the current input into the primary on the pig.

Richard Quick
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