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Quoting Ed Sonderman:

 ES> Richard,

 ES> I sent a list of questions to Condenser Products and         
 ES> received an answer today. The capacitors they are quoting    
 ES> are rated for pulse discharge. Dielectric is polypropylene.  
 ES> They are oil filled.

In other words a: top of the line, clean room manufactured, all
plastic film, rms-AC-pulse rated, Tesla tank circuit capacitor.

 ES> The original request for quote was for a .02mfd capacitor,   
 ES> pulse dishcharge and I told him my power supply was 15kv.    
 ES> They quoted $180.00 for this.  When I faxed them a list of   
 ES> questions I said I might need an AC voltage rating of 30kv.  
 ES> He sent me a new quote for a 20,400V RMS rated cap for       
 ES> $260.00 and said they can build a 30kv or 40kv cap if that   
 ES> is what I need.  The basic question here is just that - what 
 ES> do I need??  I don't want to spend any more money than I     
 ES> need to but I don't want to destroy a new commercial cap     
 ES> either. 

What you need is most likely the 15KVAC rms Pulse rated
capacitor. Condenser Products would not recommend a capacitor to
you that would fail in your intended application. The word of
mouth would kill them. You told them what application the
capacitor would be used for, your rms input voltage, your pulse
excitation requirements; in turn they told you that $180.00 will
buy a cap that will do the job. They won't guarantee it (they
know coilers are crazy), but it will do the job. These guys are
experts beyond my ability to second guess, and they build some
damned good capacitors. Mine just get a little warm after five
minutes peak pulsing 2 - 5 megawatts.

 ES> I wonder what they would charge for your matched set today?? 
 ES> Sounds like a good thing you already have them.

I stole my caps from them. They lost a ton of business and
suffered facility damage after that big hurricane hit Homestead
Florida a few years back. I bid around, and they were just
getting their clean room back on line after several weeks
shutdown. They had had guys mopping up water on engineers pay,
and were anxious to get back making caps. After I fired the coil
with the new caps I sent them some spark photos. They sent a nice
letter back thanking me for my business in their time of need.
I send them a little business now and then to make up for what I
squeezed out of them on that deal, and I have yet to hear a
complaint about service or product failure.

Richard Quick

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