Capacitor update

cc: tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com


I sent a list of questions to Condenser Products and received an answer
today.  The capacitors they are quoting are rated for pulse discharge.
 Dielectric is polypropylene.  They are oil filled.

The original request for quote was for a .02mfd capacitor, pusle dishcharge
and I told him my power supply was 15kv.  They quoted $180.00 for this.  When
I faxed them a list of questions I said I might need an AC voltage rating of
30kv.  He sent me a new quote for a 20,400 V RMS rated cap for $260.00 and
said they can build a 30kv or 40kv cap if that is what I need.  The basic
question here is just that - what do I need??  I don't want to spend any more
money than I need to but I don't want to destroy a new commercial cap either.

I wonder what they would charge for your matched set today??  Sounds like a
good thing you already have them.

I also received a quote from Plastic Capacitors, Inc. today.  I told him what
I was looking for and he suggests that I buy two .01mfd 15kv capacitors that
he has in stock - for $200.00 each.  He says they are AC pulse rated with
polypropylene dielectric and will work for Tesla coil applications.  OK but
too expensive.

Ed Sonderman