Re: Capacitor charge rate


Good discussion.  I understand what you are saying about the transformer
spending some of the precious time (and energy) at the beginning of each half
cycle bringing the capacitor back to a zero charge before it can charge it up
in the new polarity.

You are correct that a DC supply would fix this problem but I would not want
to buy the rectifiers.   I am working on only my  second Tesla coil and am
having a good time but I have a lot to learn.  Right now I'm thinking one way
to get a large amount of power in to the system is to use a transformer that
can supply a lot of current - enough to charge the tank circuit capacitor in
like one tenth of a cycle.  Then use a rotary spark gap to discharge it
several times in each half cycle.  This isn't very esoteric and the overkill
approach is always more expensive.

When someone figures out how to optimize and best utilize the available input
power I will be interested.

Ed Sonderman