Custom caps & ballast

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I received a quote from Condenser Products today for a .02mfd capacitor.  I
told them what I needed and that I was using a 15kv supply - in a Tesla tank
circuit.  The quote is for a .02mfd + or - 10% capacitor rated at 15,000 V
RMS.  It does not say pulse application.  It does say it will be 3.5" x 14.0"
in a thermoplastic tube.  Price $180.00 up front.  I think there will be more
charges because they say "will advise you of total amount due" ???  Lead time
6 to 8 weeks.

I calculated my cost to build two more capacitors like I already have,
 .018mfd with a Tesla working voltage of probably 9 to 10 kv.  As you have
said before, it comes out to be about $90.00 each.

I think the voltage rating he is quoting me is too low.  You said your caps
are rated at 45kv pulse - and you operate with 22kv and haven't lost them
yet.  Sounds like I should specify 30kv pulse for a rating.  This will
probably double the quoted price.

About ballast for a pole transformer,  how about using all those shorted neon
sign transformers out there.  I have a few.  Short the secondaries together
and run the primary in series with the pole transformer?  How do I figure out
what I need to limit the pole transformer input current to say 10 amps?

Ed Sonderman