Discharges through body..

Hello all!

I have somehow got the impression that it would be possible to use
one's body as the discharge-terminal - how safe would this be?

I guess that the system would be like connecting the wire from the
secondary to some Al-foil wrapped around one's leg.. And one would
have to be very well insulated from ground to prevent power-arcs..

What would the effect really be - Tesla did this (?) - would one get
sparks coming from "sharp points" of body - like fingers?

Would there not be a problem as one would need lots of power to
use such a large capasitance that one's body presents while the
power should be quite low to prevent burns etc. at points where
the streamers leave body.. Or could it be that holding a metallic
rod with a sharp end would give most of the discharges and thus
making it safer..

It would be really showy though :)


  Kristian Ukkonen.

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