Re: Tesla

On Tue, 27 Jun 1995 tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com wrote:

> 2/3 being black and the outer third being white.  I finished the pipe
> with polyurethane and wound 25" of 22 AWG on it and put about a quart a 
> polyurethane on top.  Looks nice but I think if I ever wind another
> I'll use figerglass resin or epoxy paint, I hate working with polyurethane
> it never wants to lay down even and I end up sanding everything between 
> coats. I've used two part epoxy to waterproof model boats and I know I can
> do a better job with it.

A word of caution : DON'T use polyester!

I did coat a secondary with polyester-resin and it does look really
nice but the coating has not adhered at all to the wire and it
is so brittle that a weak shock will make the coating shatter.. 

I'd say that the coating has to be "elastic" - so it might be possible
to use polyester-resin with an approprite additive that'll make it
more elastic but I wouldn't count on it..

I'll test epoxy for the next secondary..


  Kristian Ukkonen
  Tesla-admin of nic.funet.fi