Toroid Height Adjustment



Last night I changed the pvc support pipe for the discharger from 1.0" to
3.0".  I like it better, it is much more stable.  I also raised the
dishcarger up from 5.5" to 11.0" above the top of the secondary.  The first
time I powered it up it seemed ok, maybe the corona was a little less intense
- hard to tell.  I tried it again and after the gaps fired but before
breakout on the discharger, I got severe discharges from the top winding of
the secondary down to the strike rail on the primary.  (It looked like it was
going to burn up my secondary.)

I then lowered the discharger height to 9.0".  It seems like it still wants
to do it but I can sweep the variac up quickly once the gaps start to fire
and get through it.  I think I need to fix the coupling problem between the
primary and secondary before I experiment any more with discharger height.
 You mentioned maybe tapping the primary out a couple of turns from the
inside.  I like this idea but those first two turns are so close to the
bottom of the primary coil form base that I can't get a clip in there.  I
might be able to run a couple of pieces of RG-213 in there and just wrap the
wire around the copper tubing.  How about if I just unwind the botttom two
turns.  This might not be real easy but if I can do it, it certainly should
loosen the coupling and move the outside tap from 13 turns out close to the
end at 14 turns.  Of course, this would be kind of a one way deal.  I would
then have only 12 turns and it would be difficult to ever go back and add
more.  But it seems like with this secondary and this capacitor (neither of
which I have plans to change at this time) that set up should work.  What do
you think?

You mentioned that once I have the coupling adjusted correctly, that I will
see no blue corona at all.  Is this correct?  I see it strongly now before
breakout and can still see it clearly when I am running at full power.

I did buy another ground rod yesterday.  I don't have it in yet.  My soil is
very rocky and it is a real big job to drive these 8.0 ft rods down even to
6.5 ft.

Thanks, Ed Sonderman