> From kukkonen-at-snakemail.hut.fi Wed Jun 28 11:14 MDT 1995
> A word of caution : DON'T use polyester!
> I did coat a secondary with polyester-resin and it does look really
> nice but the coating has not adhered at all to the wire and it
> is so brittle that a weak shock will make the coating shatter.. 
> I'd say that the coating has to be "elastic" - so it might be possible
> to use polyester-resin with an approprite additive that'll make it
> more elastic but I wouldn't count on it..
> I'll test epoxy for the next secondary..

I had forgotten how brittle the resin could become.  My dad used to build
airboats and small sleds for trapping on the Mississippi River when she
froze over and we used to coat the bottoms with a two part resin to make
them slide better on the ice.  It would shrink and crack and turn brittle
besides the terribly strong smell.  It would work well for a season and
then we would have to chisel and scrape it off and put another coat on.

I was thinking of using something like thirty minute epoxy that is used
in model building hobbies.  (Of course I was thinking this while applying
the polyurethane.)  I have already fashioned a spindle to spin the cores
and would just need a small motor to turn it while applying the epoxy.
I just about hooked up a motor to it when I was applying the polyurethane,
but with the quickness that the poly was getting tacky (90 deg F garage)
I figured it wouldn't help smooth the coat much.