Strikes into primary

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I did some more testing last night.  Using one tank capacitor, tapped at 10
turns, as I turn the variac up I start getting strikes into the primary -
apparently going past the strike rail.  The discharges seem to be about equal
leaving the top edge of the discharger and going up and leaving the bottom
edge and going down.  When I use two capacitors in series and tap it at 14
turns, I can run it at full voltage without getting strikes into the primary
or to the strike rail.  Most of the discharges leave from the top edge of the
discharger with this configuration.
I have a theory: When it is tapped at 10 turns, the remaing turns of the
primary act as an autotransformer.  This would cause high voltage in turns
11, 12, 13 & 14.  Is it possible that with one given swing of the 60 cycle
line that these top few turns are more negative than the grounded strike
rail?  Thus attracting the discharge?  When the discharges hit the primary it
seems to be in turns 12, 13 & 14.  It makes a real loud pop like a firecraker
and sometimes the safety gap fires.
What do you think?

Ed Sonderman