Reply mainly to Jim Oliver:

Uhmm.... you asked about the claim that breakdown strenght=breakdown electric
field tends to go up with smaller thicknesses. The curves I am referencing are
directly out of my reference number 1 and are for the same polymer just
different thicknesses... I can't personally vouch for it- but there it is. In
on way it makes sense to me. Since conduction through ploymers is presumably
due mainly to electron currents, one would expect that in a breakdown condition
to get electron multiplication due to collisions of the semi static atoms. The
thicker the layer, the more multiplication. The thinner the layer the less....
The same effect is seen in gaseous breakdown. You can get DC breakdown
strengths of much greater than 30Kv/cm when your electrode spacing is less than
a millimeter....

Thats all I know so far

BTW I did find out what formvar is (polymer) and will include it in a follow up
report. Interestingly, it has a rather high dissipation factor!!! I priced
teflon coated wire from Phoenix Wire at $100/1000ft for 21 gauge. Is this a
good price or a ripoff?