Re: Variacs

> There has been some talk of the need of vacuum flasks for storing liquid 
> gasses for superconductor experiments.  One of my sources for components 
> has MANY vacuum flasks.  If anyone wants to but one, I can check it out 
> for you.  I am going there this week for variacs.
> Let me know.
> Scott Myers

Scott, I am still looking for a single-phase 120V. variac in the 15-30 amp
range.  If you spot any such units, could you clue me in? If you're still
willing to "front" the purchase, let me know about payment, shipping, 
reimbursement for your bother, etc.


Don Froula

PS - Secondary nearly wound, waiting for filter board components.  I can't
wait for that cap!  It's a blessing in disguise that it will arrive after
Christmas.  It will prevent the temptation of spending too much time on
coiling instead of Christmas preparations!