Line Filters

Fellow coil builders,

If anyone is in the market for line filters, I found a
post in rec.radio.swap offering them.  Bought several for
myself and they appear to be of pretty good quality and
the price is right.  Some specs below:
Cornell-Dublier Electric
EMI filter APFV2031l
10a-at-250v HPF

Not sure whay the dual listing.  These units are about a
pound apiece and measure in at 3.75"X3.25"X1.5".
After recieving mine, I called to see if any were left.
He said about a dozen are still available.

PangburnM-at-AOL-dot-com  Mike Pangburn  is the person to contact.
He was quite prompt in shipping and followed up to be sure
that I had recieved my filters and that I was satisfied, so
I have no problem refering him to the rest of you.  He is
asking 5 bucks each plus shipping.  If anyone is interested,
I can forward his phone # to you privately.