Re: Rotary Gap Motors

On Mon, 11 Dec 1995 tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com wrote:

> I happened to be perusing my Fall 1995, C & H Surplus Catalog.
> They have some nice high speed DC motors that are ideal for
> variable speed rotary gaps.
> The motor that caught my eye is a 1 HP Carter, 10,000 RPM, 115
> volts -at- 10 amps. The price is $50.00

Of course, the motor above will do - but one can get old
washing-machine motors for free (or nearly free) and they
do have variable-speed drivers as the washing machine has to
do several angular speeds.. The one I have even has the
ability that it will first turn a while (seconds) at low speed and
after that switch to full set speed..

One might even get quite good set-up by using the skeleton of
the washing-machine as well and replace the drum with spark-gap
set-up.. :)


  Kristian Ukkonen.