Re: Primary Q's and Spark Gaps (and magic formula)

The articles I have that this stuff comes from are:
(Thanks to Ed Harris for typing these titles)

A Tesla transformer high-voltage generator
CR Hoffmann
Rev Sci Instr Vol46 No1 Jan 1975 p1

Transformer type accelerators for intense electron beams
EA Abramyan
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, NS-18 p447 (1971)


Malcolm wrote:

>> By 
>> shorting the spark gap and using a signal generator on the primary, 
>> two freqs are readily observed on the secondary, and from their 
>> K can be calculated directly...

>It's obvious that what I'm seeing is the trade of energy between the
>primary and secondary. I liked your analogy. Thanks for the formulae.
>I've not seen those ones before. It's obvious you have access to 
>references that I don't.