Re: Sparking behavior and a magnifier question

You wrote: 

>Magnifier question(s):
>If I have a 1/4 wave secondary coil that resonates at frequency f, and 
>to use it in a magnifier setup, do I drive it at f, or f/2?  I thought 

>I heard that it was f/2 once from Richard Quick.

If the primary and extra coil oscillate at f, then the secondary should 
be quarter wave reseonant at a substantially higher frequency near BUT 
NOT EXACTLY EQUAL to 2f.  You do not want resonance effects from the 
secondary, only transformer action.

>The other question is: If a magnifier is basically a base driven 
>and it is driven at a specific frequency that causes it to resonate,
>and a tesla tank circuit oscillates at a frequency, then why not make 
>tank circuit and electrically connect it to the base of a secondary 
>a 1/4 wave coil?  _____
>   ________      (_____)
>  |        |        3
> ===       -at-        3 
>  |___Z____|________3
>Z -- spark gap
>-at- -- primary L
>=== -- primary C
>The only difference between this setup and another tesla setup is that
>the secondary is not nestled within the primary, but is a ways away.
>Assuming that the primary tank circuit is tuned to the correct 
>(see question 1), would you see any resonance or magnifier action?
>Actually, if I new the answer to 1, I could experiment on 2.

The above will absolutely work.  The problem is the impedance of the 
primary circuit with component values we are used to is too low and 
would provide a bad match to the secondary.  It would require a very 
small cap and large primary coil to be a good match.  This creates the 
problem of how to get power into a small cap.  (Hmm, where have I heard 
that one before?).  Sharp thinkin' though.